Trim Tack® Contamination Control Adhesive Mats and Bases

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Mat Bases and Aluminum Frames

Discover the freedom of placing your adhesive floor mats anywhere…anytime!

The Markel Mat Base was designed as a cost effective alternative to the Trim Tack® Mat Frame. It is composed of a rigid plastic with a rubberized non-skid backing. Applications include carpeted areas, offices, homes, etc.  The mat base measures a thin 5/32″ (4mm) in height without the mat mounted. Great for use on carpet or in areas where it is desirable to pick up the mat frequently for cleaning.

Mat Bases and Frames are designed to allow users of adhesive floor mats to mount their mats to a portable base instead of being limited to securing the mat directly onto the floor.

Mat Bases and Frames are sized to accommodate a wide range of standard adhesive floor mats and are available in a wide assortment of sizes for greater flexibility in meeting your specific application requirements. 

Mat bases are available in white and black (black only available in size 25.5″x31.5″

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sticky mat cleanroom 1

Mat Frames are composed of an anodized aluminum border with a rigid plastic center. Both materials are inert and non-contaminating. Non-skid backing layer.

3/16” profile


  • Entrances to clean rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Darkrooms
  • Plate-making rooms
  • Construction areas
  • Manufacturing sites

The Trim Tack® Mat Frames are available for applications where either frequent lifting of the mat for cleaning is required, or for use in areas where the mat’s backing is unable to adhere to the flooring, such as carpeting.

The Trim Tack® Mat in itself does not require the use of a frame. Markel Industries offers this product as an option for our customers who have special applications requiring a frame.