Trim Tack® Contamination Control Adhesive Mats and Bases

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Markel Specialty Products are used in a wide variety of environments where contamination control is essential!











Trim Tack ® Cuff Sealer

The fast, easy way to achieve additional contaminant protection in ISO 5 Environments!  Quickly and effectively seals the area between glove and garment with a disposable sheet of adhesive film to help prevent particle migration and the infiltration of chemical contaminants.


The flexibility of the 1.5 mil poly film allows a comfortably snug fit on all size arms.  This 60 sheet pad with adhesive backed base can be to secured to a convenient surface. The cuff sealer pad contains alternating color tabs on both ends to minimize accidental peeling of multiple sheets.

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Glove Cleaning Pads

Our 5.25″x7.25″ pads contain 40 clear, adhesive-coated sheets and can be secured to a flat work surface with removable surface on the back. Glove cleaning pads are used to remove contaminants from gloves and hands and are also used for securing small parts during assembly or dismantling.






Tacky Mitts

Mitts are available in 5.25″x7.25″ dimensions with 15 clear, adhesive-coated sheets and have a mittswhite backing where a clear poly bag is laminated.  Simply place your hand inside the bag and use the pad to pat or wipe down dirty/dusty surfaces.  Once the top sheet is soiled, just pull the corner tab to expose a clean sheet. Available at 12 mitts/case, 15 sheets/mitt.


Specialty Disks

Specialty disks can be manufactured for your vehicle gauge protection needs.  Stacks of laminated adhesive sheets die cut to fit many size gauges.  Adhesive sheets contain peel tabs for easy removal of only one sheet at a time.  Please contact us us for further information on this product.

Hard Surface Protection Film

Our blue temporary film provides up to 45 days of protection on most hard surface flooring, hardsurface1including ceramic tiles, and guards against tracked in dirt, paint spills, dust, construction debris and damage. This is a reverse wound product that can be applied by hand or with an applicator.  The many variations in flooring and counter top materials and finishing techniques for each make it imperative that the user determines its suitability for use. Not recommended for use on natural hardwood floors.



Carpet Protection Film

This is a temporary protective film product designed to protect synthetic carpets from tracked in dirt, paint spills, dust as well as construction debris and damage.  The film is a special blend which is resistant to tears and punctures from sharp items such as tools or shoe heels.  The acrylic adhesive system allows for clean removal.  Our carpet film is reverse wound for ease of application and recommended maximum use is 45 days.  The product should not be used in high humidity or outdoor applications.


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